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Thread: PFAI still in favour of mid-season break

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    PFAI still in favour of mid-season break

    From Extra time
    The Professional Footballers’ Association of Ireland (PFAI) have stated that 86.3% of their membership is in favour of continuing a mid-season break in June of each season.

    After surveying the players despite some criticism about the break from supporters and pundits, the association’s members have voted emphatically in favour of keeping the break.

    “It is important to get the view of our members at a time when the league is assessing next season’s match calendar,” PFAI secretary Stephen McGuinness said after releasing the results.

    “The general theme in relation to the survey is not only do the players want to keep the break but they also want a clearly defined period where no training or games can take place. Currently players are at the mercy of the manager and the club and are unable to plan ahead.

    McGuinness continued: “The other worrying aspect was the amount of players who go unpaid during the break with 28.7% of players not receiving pay. In any other employment people get holidays and are fully paid no matter if they are full time or part time. As an Association we would like to see the length of season 2009 restored to ensure that fixture congestion is at a minimum.”

    The PFAI have submitted the survey information to league director Fran Gavin ahead of plans for next season.
    I would be in favour of extending the season to get rid of the midweek fixtures. We were lucky (gate receipt wise) this season that 4 of the 5 league games were away from home. If it was the other way around I would have missed over half our league games and that would have me seriously looking at not buying a season ticket if most of our Friday games are away from home.

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    Players can't have it both ways. The majority of them are payed by the week so extended the season by 3/4 weeks gives them 3/4 extra pay

    I say scrape the midseason break completely and stretch the league out that way. What are the players going to do? Revolt? Take their holiday in january

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dodge View Post
    What are the players going to do? Revolt?
    Looks like a few of them are already revolting..

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