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Thread: My new Horseracing Blog

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    My new Horseracing Blog

    Iím starting a blog on Jumps Racing this weekend (probably tomorrow). The plan is to post up tips most Saturday and/or Sunday mornings between here and the end of the Jumps season (Punchestown Festival at the end of April) and probably waffle on a bit about the races and/or racing in general too.

    This could prove a very public documentation of one manís voyage to bankruptcy but I hope not! Iíve been tipping on another forum for a while and made a decent profit for the last couple of seasons, so Iím hoping thatíll continue here. Though as I explain on the blog, I play a long game, so patience is required Hopefully if you decide to follow me itíll provide your betting account with the occasional boost to keep you out of the red.

    Please do drop in and have a look around when you get the chance. Thereís some decent racing on tomorrow, so Iíd expect to be posting my first selections in the morning. Youíll need the exact URL here as itíd take an awful lot of visitors to the blog before itíd show up in a google search.

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