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Thread: Bohs players not payed??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ginger Robbie View Post
    The money bohs puts into there youth teams shows tho , dont remember ever seeing a bad bohs schoolboy team.
    Cost of schoolboy team €170k
    cost of bavkroom staff €435k

    there have been allegations floatingaroind that bohs had signed up senior players as schoolboy coaches and technical staff to get around the SCP.

    Seeing the above would make that very plausable! Spending 1/3 of your annual playing wages on schoolboy teams and technical staff- very questionable!

    I coach 2 underage teams and the idea is the club make money from us in order to pay costs (light, heat, admin, bank charges, kit etc)

    that's how most clubs work- but you get the feeling bohs hav other costs their!

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    Might also be explained by Mark Rossitter being paid as a youth coach. He's on amateur forms as a players due to insurance pay out - has been mentioned here before

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