To celebrate our new forum, lets kick off with a competition!!
I'll put up 11 matches from England early in the week, and 3 reserves. They will be saturday games from 3'oclock onwards, so could be 6 PL and the rest championship matches, Depending on the week, They could be International or cup matches.
You mark each match:
1 for a home win, If correct, you get 1 point.
2 for an away win, if correct you get 2 points.
3 or X for a draw, if correct you get 3 points.
In addition, you "nap" one selection. If that comes up correct, your points for that one match are doubled.

1. All selections must be in by 3.00 (K.O.) Saturday unless otherwise stated. Late entries will not be accepted and no points given, even for late games.
2. If a game is listed, but starts early (12.15) or is called off, or moved to Sunday or Monday, the reserves play. 1st reserve first, then second obviously.
3. ONCE YOUR ENTRIES ARE IN,THEY ARE IN. There are to be no edits on any of these threads. If I see an edit, you will get no points for that entire week. The one exception is if someone forgets to "nap". In that case, post or pm me and I'll do it for you.
4, No entry = no points.
5. No Nap equals regular points. You dont go on the most popular nap, or anything like that.
6. More rules may be added as needed, these will be clearly notified as problems arise.
7. The competition will run over the course of the season.
8. My decision is final, but I always do badly in these anyways

This competition is free to enter. No prizes, just for fun. Starts with first week of Premier League.