Conversation Between red-army and Palmerstown Saint

  1. red-army
    Yeah man, you'll be grand if ya get down before 12pm tomorrow
  2. Palmerstown Saint
    Daimo I'll be down at the shop tomorrow at 10am, any chance you could keep 1 ticket for me if you're allowed do that? Cheers mateso.
  3. Palmerstown Saint
    Daimo are all the tickets for the Pats game against the Homeless gone? Just read it on the forum, not sure if it's true or not? And if they are gone are we getting more in? Cheers mate.
  4. Palmerstown Saint
    Ah fair play, cheers mate!!
  5. red-army
    Yeah there's enough to go around man, wouldnt worry about it, you'll get a ticket
  6. Palmerstown Saint
    Heya Damien, it's Declan O' Dowd here.

    Here I'm not a season ticket holder this year, but will there be enough tickets to go around for the game V the Homeless? Just don't wanna miss out like.

    Cheers mate, Dec.
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