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    On the way home, youve a few different options, the one im lookin at is

    Trieste- Stanstead (Friday afternoon so you get the breakfast in after the celebrations thursday ) 45 euro

    then tube from Stanstead- Heathrow (3.60)

    Heathrow- Dublin (latest flight available to be safe on delays) 55 euro.

    So all in all there its 160 quid tops, just add your accomadation on top (Cheap hostel around a 10er a night or decent hotel in Italy with free breakfast and internet and shit about 40 quid a night which is decent.) and your train ticket from italy to slovenia which is about 20 id say.

    Hope that helps , all flights are Ryanair bar the Heathrow-Dublin one, which is Aer Lingus, in case your lookin around.
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    Howya, think this is Rory? Its sean from work

    Dublin- Stanstead (Tuesday mornin around 7) 10 euro.

    Stanstead- Trieste (Northern Italy) (early tuesday afternoon) 45 euro

    Once your in Trieste, you can choose whatever you wanna do, whether ya wanna stay in italy cos its more touristy and just get a train into Slovenia on match day, or else stay in Koper the looks of things there mad frequent trains and there Trans-Europe jobs so nothin risky.

    As regards closeness, heres a link to a map that shows how close Trieste (airport you land in) and Koper (where games being played) are.

    Its an hour to 2 and a half hour train, dependin on express trains an all that shite but cheap enough prices.

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