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    Alright Kevo! Hope the Christmas/holidays went well for yourself and the family, tell them I was asking for them!

    Just about fundraisers and nights in McDowells involved around matches, etc, had an idea.

    What about getting Robbie Doyle to do an hour or so after one of the matches? Just seen on Twitter there him talking about games years back, particularly THAT bohs game and goal in 94th minute - he still seems to like us a bit!

    If he was willing to something for free, it could drum up a decent crowd. Night with Ricky was great last year, while Robbie was no Ricky, he'd still be remembered fondly for a few things!

    Just a one-off idea, good/bad in terms of raising money, i'm not sure, but may be something worthwhile

    Let me know what you think!

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